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  About GIT 

    Guizhou Institute of Technology (GIT) is one of provincial colleges ratified by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, which is actively adapted to the requirements of the strategy of invigorating Guizhou Province by industry and urbanization proposed by Guizhou provincial Government. The college, near the Aha Lake, is situated in Guiyang, the forest city and summer resort in China.

   At present, the college covers an area of 866.7 mu with the building area of 274000 square meters. The teaching equipment of college is worth 128.2 million yuan. GIT has a library collection of 543 thousand books , 6 digital date sources, 22 training and practice bases on and off campus and also has 2 indoor stadiums. The school has a team of high qualified, well-organized and full-time teachers with full vitality.

The college has 14 academic schools, namely School of Resources and Environment Engineering, School of  Mining Engineering, School of Material and Metallurgy, School of Mechanical, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Information Science, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Light Industry Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Transportation Engineering, School of Pharmaceutical Engineering, School of Economics and Management, together with 4 basic teaching departments which are Marxism Department, Foreign Language Teaching Department, Sports Teaching Department and Engineering Training center.

Keeping abreast of the development of Guizhou Province, GIT, with the engineering specialties as the core and the those of management, economics, and science as the subsidiary,   has constantly strengthen the discipline construction, and has formed a discipline system characterized by coordinated development, obvious advantages, prominent features, and reasonable structure.

With the “high starting-point and open school running” as the principle, GIT follows the proposition of “strengthening foundation, enhancing ability, guaranteeing quality, cultivating features, paying attention to efficiency and function, and collaborative innovation”, and vows to implement the strategy of “making school outstanding by quality, invigorating school by scientific research, and making school strong by talents”. Keeping abreast of industry development, GIT attaches much importance to both knowledge and skills, and adheres to this---cultivating specialized talents of engineering and technology having sense of responsibility, advanced technology, good management, and innovation spirits--- as its development root. With enhancing the ability of provide service for regional economic and social development as foundation of thriving school, GIT will make great contributions to building a all-round well-being society. 


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Guizhou Institute Of Technology