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Degree Program


        Academic Education (Four-Year Bachelor Degree Program)


Name of Specialty

Educational System

School of Resources and Environmental Engineering

Resources Exploration Engineering


School of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation


School of Electrical Engineering

Electric Engineering and Automation


School of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering


Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering


School of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology


School of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Pharmaceutical Engineering


Bio-pharmaceutical Science


School of Mining Engineering

Safety Engineering


College of Economics and Management

Engineering Management



Application Requirements

Type of Application

Conditions for Application

Academic Education

Undergraduate Students


1. With a high-school degree or above, and 18-35 years old;

2. With physical health, stable financial support and under custody;

3. Those with Chinese HSK level 3 or participating in the Chinese learning and training program of our Institute for one year and also up to our standards are able to be admitted into the corresponding academic education.


Registration Time, Period of Schooling and Charging Standards


Period of Schooling

Registration Time


Undergraduate Students

4 Years

Before Jun. 30

Registration Fee: 500 RMB 

Tuition Fee: 6000 RMB/year

Lodging fees and other expenses will be charged according to relevant charging standards.


       Application Procedure

i. Submission of application for admission. Please download the Admission Application Form for Overseas Students in Guizhou Institute of Technology from http://oic.git.edu.cn, the link to our International Exchange and Cooperation Department, and then truly and specifically fill in this Form which shall be sent to gjjlhzc@git.edu.cn together with other application documents required in scanning form.

When you submit the application form, following documents shall be provided as well:

1. Copy of passport (if you are already in China, please submit the copy of your visa otherwise)

2. If you seek undergraduate studies, please provide your high school diploma, high school transcript, and HSK transcript.

ii. Qualification examination. After receiving the application, our International Exchange and Cooperation Department will check the applicant's admission qualification in a timely manner and you will be informed as soon as we obtain the audit results.

iii. Issuance of Letter of Admission. After the qualification examination is completed, International Exchange and Cooperation Department will send an Admission Letter for Overseas Students in Guizhou Institute of Technology and Visa Application for Study in China (see Form JW202).

iv. To handle China visa. The applicant shall taking the private passport, photo, the Admission Letter for Overseas Students in Guizhou Institute of Technology, Visa application form for study in China (see Form JW202) and the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner with him/her to apply to China's embassies and consulates to the local for China visa in person. For those whose period of schooling is shorter than 1 year, they can apply for visa F; while, in case that longer than 1 year, visa X can be applied for.

v. Enrollment and Registration. You shall hold your own Admission Letter for Overseas Students in Guizhou Institute of Technology to register in International Exchange and Cooperation Department of our Institute within the required time. Furthermore, within 24 hours after arriving at school, you also shall deal with relevant formalities in the local Public Security Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration.


        Contact Information

Address: International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Guizhou Institute of Technology, No. 1 of Caiguan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City of Guizhou Province, China

Zip Code: 550003

E-mail: gjjlhzc@git.edu.cn

Website: http://oic.git.edu.cn

Tel. Number: 0086-851-8210521

Fax: 0086-851-8211915

Contact Person: Chen Lanjue

Add: Caiguan Road 1#, Yunyan Distrct, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, P. R. China PC: 550003
Guizhou Institute Of Technology